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designCraft Advertising
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designCraft Advertising
designCraft Advertising is a full-service design and marketing agency in Madison focused on the needs of locally owned businesses and nonprofit organizations.

"Our slogan is 'advertising with a conscience,' and we walk the walk," said Yvette Jones, owner. "We support green practices, and that includes buying renewable energy from MGE."

designCraft joined MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program in 2008 and purchases 100% green power for its office facility.

"By paying a little more for clean energy, we are eliminating about 11 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually," Jones said. "This is the right decision for the environment, and our clients appreciate the effort. We use the fact that we buy clean energy and participate in the City's Mpower campaign as a way to reach new clients."

"We regularly encourage our clients to think green too," Jones said. "We quote and recommend their projects be printed on recycled paper when feasible and purchase from locally owned businesses whenever possible."

Making environmentally friendly choices has been a core part of designCraft from the beginning. The company chose its central location on Park Street because it makes it easy for staff to walk, bike or take the bus to work. When they remodeled the office, they used recycled and sustainable materials throughout the process.

Thank you,
designCraft Advertising
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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