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Village of Shorewood Hills
When David Benforado, a resident of and Trustee for the Village of Shorewood Hills, proposed the Village purchase wind power, he wasn't sure how receptive the Village Board would be. "Residents are committed to the environment, but knowing that the current economic situation and the state's levy cap would dictate every nickel of our budget be put under a microscope, I had suggested a rather conservative wind power purchase of 10%. The board not only approved the purchase, but one of the Trustees came up afterward and asked 'why only 10%?' That was a great indicator of how important this issue is to the Village."

A member of the Green Power Tomorrow program since January 1, 2009, wind power is just the latest way the Village of Shoreward Hills makes a commitment to be green.

"The Village Board of Trustees, and the residents in general, are very progressive and concerned about the environment," said Karl Frantz, Village Administrator. "We have one of the strictest stormwater management ordinances in Wisconsin, we use nearly all compact fluorescent bulbs in our office and we've been holding an energy efficiency and conservation workshop each year for residents in conjunction with MGE. We try to be a role model and exemplify our taxpayers' values."

Future goals include a long-term vision of replacing streetlights with more energy-efficient options, finding better ways to heat the Village pool and learning from other communities. "The Office of Energy Independence just awarded grants to about a dozen communities to do inventories of their energy use and find ways to reduce it," said Benforado. "We're hoping this will generate a template that can help us become more efficient."

Benforado believes it's critical for communities to view themselves as energy consumers. "The debate about global warming is over and now the discussion has to turn to solutions. Local governments have a good opportunity to lead by example, to challenge each other and to challenge their citizens. Making a commitment to renewable energy is just one way we can do this."

Thank you,
Village of Shorewood Hills
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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