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Paragon Development Systems, Inc.
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Paragon Development Systems, Inc.
Paragon Development Systems (PDS) is a technology services company that designs, supplies, implements and manages clients' information technology (IT) infrastructure. The company serves medium and large organizations in five primary markets: corporate, education, government, health care and professional services. About 80 employees work at PDS' technology center on Madison's east side.

"PDS has been green for a long time," said Gareth Harwood, executive director of marketing. "We are dedicated to finding efficient, economical ways to protect the environment—buying clean, renewable energy is one way to do that."

PDS signed up for MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program in 2008. Through its participation, PDS is eliminating the need for about 246,000 pounds of coal each year and preventing more than 360 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

"If you are not thinking about green practices, you are missing out on opportunities," Harwood said. "Finding ways to be more efficient with resources and protecting the environment are things customers care more and more about."

PDS proactively helps companies improve their environmental footprint.

"Our goal is to help clients improve the efficiencies within IT—using more efficient technologies that require less energy to provide optimal performance," Harwood said. "This in turn benefits their bottom line and makes a positive impact on the environment. It's a true win-win situation."
Thank you,
Paragon Development Systems, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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