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Superior Health Linens
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Superior Health Linens is a commercial laundry business that provides linen and apparel rental service to the health care industry. Customers include hospitals, nursing homes and surgical centers in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

The company understands the long-term benefits of making environmentally friendly choices.

"Our business uses a lot of energy, so buying green power increases our costs—but payback comes down the road," said Mark Mackert, director of engineering. "Taking action now will help ensure a quality environment for tomorrow."

Superior Health Linens realizes there are simple actions businesses can take to help improve their environmental footprint.

"MGE's Green Power Tomorrow is an easy way for any business to make an impact," Mackert said. "We all need to be smart about our electricity use, and this program is a good place to start."

Superior Health Linens also encourages employees to recycle and recently upgraded to energy-efficient lighting in its facility.
Thank you,
Superior Health Linens
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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