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If you have something that needs to be padded, protected, soundproofed or filtered, chances are Wisconsin Foam Products, Inc., can provide a solution. Wisconsin Foam Products, Inc., provides custom-cut foam solutions for companies in many markets around the country. Its 60,000-square-foot facility in Madison is home to one of the Midwest's largest and most diverse collections of standard and specialty flexible foam alternatives.

The company chooses to pay a premium to purchase a portion of its electricity from renewable sources. Through Green Power Tomorrow, Wisconsin Foam Products, Inc., eliminates the need to burn more than 15,000 pounds of coal and prevents more than 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

"We recognize that everyone needs to step up to the plate and proactively work together to improve and protect the environment," said Rick Heinritz, owner. "We wanted to get more involved in environmentally friendly efforts so we joined MGE's green power program."

"We still get the same reliable energy at our facility that we need to operate, but we appreciate knowing that it is generated naturally from the wind and sun," Heinritz added.

Wisconsin Foam Products, Inc., incorporates other green practices into daily operations including recycling, as much material as possible, using energy-efficient equipment and turning off equipment and lights that are not needed.
Thank you,
Wisconsin Foam Products, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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