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Willy Street Co-op
Willy Street Co-op is a full-service grocery co-op on the near-east side of Madison that specializes in locally made, natural and organic foods. More than 155 employees serve customers from the Madison area and beyond.

Willy Street Co-op is dedicated to sustainable business practices.

"We sell local and natural foods, which is a good indication of our environmental commitment," said Brendon Smith, director of communications. "Purchasing clean, renewable energy from MGE really underscores that commitment."

"Our members are focused on the environment," he added. "They expect us to make green decisions whenever possible, and Green Power Tomorrow is helping us do that."

Willy Street Co-op also owns a rooftop solar system which produces clean energy from the sun.
Thank you,
Willy Street Co-op
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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