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Vogel Bros. Building Co.
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Incorporated here in Madison in 1928, Vogel Bros. Building Co. has become a prominent and successful commercial construction company operating in Wisconsin and Florida. Over the years, they have built apartments, churches, clinics, hospitals, industrial facilities, laboratories, office buildings, power plants, research and development facilities, schools and wastewater plants.

Guiding each project, Vogel Bros.' philosophy remains unchanged—build with values, solutions and accountability.

Through their Green Power Tomorrow purchase, Vogel Bros. Building Co. offsets 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by their electricity use. According to Vogel Bros. President, Peter Vogel, "Participating in Green Power Tomorrow gives us the opportunity to practice what we preach. We try to operate green as much as we build green."

Vogel Bros.' building projects incorporate environmentally responsible design and building practices. They completed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified projects and explored opportunities that go beyond LEED benchmarks.

Vogel said, "We provide our clients with services to help them follow sustainable design and building practices." This reduces the environmental impacts of renovation and new construction and provides reduced operating costs, increased occupant health, productivity and satisfaction for our clients while increasing stewardship of the surrounding community.
Thank you,
Vogel Bros. Building Co.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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