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Village Co-Housing Community Inc. is a condominium community in downtown Madison. Condo owners reside in one- to three-bedroom units and span a wide age range. The cohousing community is self-managed and encourages neighbors to get to know each other.

Village Co-Housing Community residents are interested in using resources wisely. "We want to help preserve the environment and recognize the role clean energy can play," said Liz Ferguson, community member. "That is why we decided to participate in Green Power Tomorrow for the common areas of our community."

"We really support this effort. Before we could officially sign up for Green Power Tomorrow, we had to take the idea to a community meeting and get approval," Ferguson said. "Even though it adds slightly to our condo fees, we chose to move forward because of the environmental benefits."

Many condo owners also participate in Green Power Tomorrow for the electricity they use in their individual units.

Village Co-Housing Community continually looks for new ways to protect the environment. Members are reviewing landscaping options that substitute more shrubs for grass to decrease mowing requirements. They also recycle and have a rain garden to help reduce pollution.
Thank you,
Village Co-Housing Community Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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