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Appliance Service Center (ASC1 Inc.) in Madison provides repair service and replacement parts for commercial food equipment, refrigeration and HVAC systems. The company primarily serves restaurants, schools and other institutions with commercial kitchens. ASC1 Inc. also has locations in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Eau Claire.

ASC1 Inc. buys green power for its Madison facility because it is an easy way to protect the environment.

"For me, it was really a personal decision," said Dan Belanger, president. "I want to be as green as I can, and MGE's Green Power Tomorrow is a good opportunity. With this program, I still get the power I need to run my business, and we are reducing harmful emissions in the process."

Being environmentally friendly is part of the daily routine at ASC1 Inc. In addition to recycling general materials, the company takes extra steps to remove Freon from old equipment and properly recycle thermostats containing mercury.
Thank you,
ASC1 Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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