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Vandewalle and Associates
With a company mission statement that includes the goal of creating places that "remain vibrant economically, environmentally and socially," it's no surprise to learn that Vandewalle & Associates Inc., a company that specializes in community and private development projects, is an ardent supporter of alternative energy.

"Our company deals with the issue of sustainability on a daily basis, both with our clients and at our own company," said Brian Vandewalle, president of Vandewalle & Associates. "We're committed to creating green communities, not just green businesses."

Vandewalle & Associates is a long-time supporter of Green Power Tomorrow. "Wind power is an alternative energy source that makes a lot of sense for our region and it's a logical way to reduce our carbon footprint," said Vandewalle. "Our support sends a message to our clients, and it's also reflective of the values of our employees."

Vandewalle & Associates' 40 employees are active participants in the company's efforts to make smart energy choices. The company's headquarters is located on a brown field site in the city of Madison with ready access to bike paths and mass transit. The building was designed to encourage daylighting and is situated so that runoff goes directly into a rain garden. Staff limits travel as much as possible—using Web conferencing and teleconferencing when practical—uses green cleaning supplies and minimizes paper use. "Our employees like the fact that they're part of finding a solution," said Vandewalle.
Thank you,
Vandewalle & Associates
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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