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Take 26 roommates, one 81-year-old house and a commitment to housing for low-income people and people who are underrepresented and marginalized in the community, and the result is the Phoenix Cooperative, one of 11 local houses run by Madison Community Co-op.

Phoenix residents—who are a mix of students and professionals and have lived at the house anywhere from a few months to a decade—choose to live in a cooperative for a number of reasons including a way to make a statement about prudent land use. They recently decided that participation in Green Power Tomorrow was a good way to make another statement.

"As users of energy, we all have a responsibility to move our energy providers away from nonrenewable energy sources," said Stefanie Jones, a resident at the Phoenix Cooperative. "It does cost a little more each month—which was a concern because most of our residents are low income—but we had the power and ability to do this collectively and decided it was the right thing to do."

Other ways Phoenix Cooperative residents show their commitment to using the earth's resources wisely include biking and using public transit, having a compost bin, recycling extensively, buying their food locally as much as possible and the recent purchase of a membership in a community supported agriculture farm. Residents also do annual caulking and repairs to keep the house draft-free. They added aluminum sheeting behind building radiators to reflect heat back into the rooms and hope to install solar panels in the near future.

"Living in a cooperative home, where you share space and resources, is an effective way to lessen your impact on the earth," said Jones. "Supporting Green Power Tomorrow is just one more small way that we can make a difference."
Thank you,
The Phoenix Cooperative
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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