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TDS Custom Construction Inc.
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TDS Custom Construction
TDS Custom Construction Inc. specializes in custom home remodeling and design in the greater Madison community. Recognized for their leadership in innovative remodeling, TDS emphasizes energy efficiency, sustainable design and a commonsense approach to green building techniques. They provide full-service remodeling for whole-house renovations, room additions, kitchens and baths and unique millwork and cabinetry custom-built in their Madison shop.

"Remodeling is an inherently green process compared to building a new home," said Sam Breidenbach, owner, who added "green building doesn't necessarily add additional cost to projects, especially when analyzed over the long term."

Green Power Tomorrow fits with TDS' business philosophy. According to Sam, "I believe that small things really matter and if we as a country are going to solve the world climate and energy problems, then businesses must help their customers understand the solutions that are available to them." He says that government can set the standards, but businesses like his must help customers find the most efficient ways to get there.

Care for the environment permeates TDS. They recycle job site materials, perform Home Performance evaluations on most projects and encourage energy-saving practices for every job.
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TDS Custom Construction Inc.
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