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When John and Cathie Imes opened the Arbor House in 1994, they saw it as a chance to prove they could provide excellent hospitality while showcasing environmentally friendly practices. Today, their award-winning inn is proof that green can be beautiful, comfortable and cost-effective. "We've tried to create an energy-efficient ethic in everything we do, and the Green Power Tomorrow program is an important part of this," said John Imes. "This program allows us to get nearly half of our energy from wind power and proves that a thriving business can incorporate renewable energy."

The Arbor House's customers are a mix of those who chose the inn because of its environmental practices and those who come because it offers a charming alternative to cookie-cutter accommodations. "Our customers get to see firsthand that you don't have to compromise comfort or quality to be energy efficient," said Imes.

Every aspect of the Arbor House was designed with sustainability in mind from its relatively modest size to building materials that include decay-resistant lumber for exterior decks and posts, floor tile made from recycled glass and plant-based interior paints. Energy efficiency is enhanced with foot-thick wood/concrete walls that keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer, high insulation levels, a passive solar system and a high-efficiency gas boiler.

"We also boost our energy efficiency with our day-to-day energy management," said Imes. "We recently ran calculations to show our natural gas usage vs. average usage figures from the Department of Energy, and we were using one-sixth the natural gas of a typical facility of our size."
Thank you,
Arbor House, Ltd.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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