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With a history in environmental activism that dates back to the 1970s and a resume that includes being a professor of environmental science, founding the environmental action group, Clean Wisconsin, and serving a term on the Sierra Club board, it's no surprise that Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug LaFollette chooses to live in a downtown condominium complex that's within walking distance of his office and is a long-time participant in the Green Power Tomorrow program.

"Certainly we need to change policy at the macro level, but those changes are meaningless unless we're also adopting them at the micro level," said LaFollette. "By choosing to support wind power at Rutledge Bay, we're doing our part both symbolically and in a practical way to promote alternative energy."

Other environmentally conscious choices at the downtown condominium complex include a pesticide-free yard, a "no-mow" lawn care policy and water-reducing shower heads. "We all need to play a role in encouraging alternative energy sources and being environmental stewards," said LaFollette. "The choices you make in your home are an important step."
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