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Rutabaga is a kayak and canoe retailer in Madison. The company sells a variety of equipment and products outdoor enthusiasts use for paddling. Fifty employees work at Rutabaga.

"We are a company that makes our living based on accessible outdoor places, and clean energy helps keep the outdoors an enjoyable place to be," said Darren Bush, owner. "Green Power Tomorrow is a great fit—a way we can help the environment and our business."

Rutabaga leads other environmentally friendly efforts. The company works with industry associations to develop green shipping methods.

"We deal with multiple manufacturers and encourage them to work together to combine their shipping and save resources," Bush said. "Now, manufacturers who typically compete are partnering to help the environment."

Rutabaga also is making energy-efficient lighting upgrades and installing a heat-recovery system.

"Purchasing renewable energy and taking steps to control energy use can cost more up front," Bush said. "However, once these strategies are in place, you can often reduce the amount of energy you use and break even. Then everybody wins."
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