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Rosemary Garfoot Public Library
The Rosemary Garfoot Public Library in Cross Plains provides access to materials in a variety of formats to meet the educational, recreational and informational needs of individuals in the community. The library encourages activities that promote stewardship of our environment through promotion of the facility as a living laboratory, provision of environmental and ecological collections and development of environmentally inspired programs and workshops.

As the state's first LEED-certified library, the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library (which achieved silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council) values and encourages environmental stewardship.

"We have a 16,500-square-foot 'green' building—it only makes sense to buy green power for this facility," said Pamela Bosben, director. "Protecting the environment is part of our mission, and partnering with MGE helps us achieve our ongoing environmental goals."

The library uses its green features to teach patrons the importance of making green choices.

"We have signs around the building pointing out various green-built features," Bosben said. "This attracts interest and inspires visitors to ask staff more about our green building. It gives us an opportunity to explain there are many things they can do at home to save energy and money."

Bosben also promotes green practices in the profession by speaking at library conferences.

The library recently developed an environmental policy, a set of guidelines for staff to follow.

"For example, it will be used with new employees to explain our expectations for environmental stewardship," Bosben said.

Library employees engage in many environmental practices such as regularly recycling materials, using only reusable glassware and flatware and encouraging library patrons to opt for cloth bags instead of plastic.
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Rosemary Garfoot Public Library
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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