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Research Products Corp.
Research Products Corp. provides indoor air quality products for homes and businesses. The company designs, develops and manufactures products under the Aprilaire brand that are distributed to wholesalers nationwide.

"Our indoor air quality products help home owners feel more comfortable and provide them with a healthier home environment as well as ways to save energy," said Megan Leick, communications project coordinator. "Our products provide fresh-air ventilation, cleaner air and humidity control. Our zoned comfort systems and programmable thermostats also provide comfort and energy savings."

While improving the indoor environment is the company's main focus, the outdoor environment is important too. That is why Research Products Corp. participates in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program.

"We strive to be an industry leader with our indoor air quality products," Leick continued. "However, we support clean air in the broader sense – that means doing our part outside as well. Buying renewable energy from MGE is a very simple way to make an impact."

Through Green Power Tomorrow, Research Products Corp. eliminates about 60 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

"This is important to the end-users of our products," Leick said. "People buy our products because they want to 'green up' their homes or businesses. It is a plus when they learn we make those products with clean energy."

The company encourages green efforts in a variety of other ways including organizing a gardening club, recycling materials, promoting carpooling and ridesharing among employees, turning off unused lights and using programmable thermostats.

"From building green to living green, we incorporate and practice clean principles whenever possible."
Thank you,
Research Products Corp.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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