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Plastic Ingenuity
Plastic Ingenuity is a national leader in providing solutions in custom thermoformed packaging, tooling and extrusion services. A focus on engineering excellence, flexibility and innovation has enabled Plastic Ingenuity to become a multi-plant manufacturing operation capable of serving a wide array of industries.

The declaration "We will be ever mindful of our natural environment," in the company's mission statement has laid the foundation for Plastic Ingenuity's commitment to sustainable practices. Preaching sustainability since before it was trendy, the company has taken this eco-friendly edict to heart–dating back to 1972–so buying green energy from MGE was a logical progression.

"We need energy to operate our business, and since we are committed to superior environmental performance, it makes sense to buy green power," said Mark Olafsson, facilities manager.

Plastic Ingenuity has also invested in their own green energy system, a 10-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of its facility in Cross Plains.

"We participate in MGE's Clean Power Partner program and sell the solar power we generate to MGE," Olafsson said.

Plastic Ingenuity takes other steps to help improve their carbon footprint—from upgrading to energy-efficient lighting and installing a heat-recovery system to reusing or reselling 99% of their scrap plastic.

"This is only the beginning," Olafsson said. "We continue daily to build on our environmental achievements through our environmental management system."
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Plastic Ingenuity
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