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Planet Bike
Planet Bike manufactures innovative, high-quality bicycle accessories—from lights and locks to seat packs, pumps and pads. Distributors around the world purchase products from Plant Bike. Five individuals work at the Madison-based company, which was founded in 1996.

Planet Bike cares about the environment and takes action to help protect it. The company installed solar panels on its roof last year.

"As part of that project, we are also purchasing renewable energy from MGE," said Jay Ferm, advocacy director. "We are determined to help drive positive change for the environment. It has really become a movement in our industry."

Planet Bike uses recyclable materials and minimizes packaging whenever possible. Its products are durable and fixable so they last a long time. The company refurbishes 90% of the products that are returned and donates them for reuse.

"We also contribute 25% of our profits to grassroots organizations that facilitate bike use, which of course is better for the environment than driving a car," Ferm said.

Planet Bike has donated $650,000 to this cause. The company hopes its financial support will reach $1 million by 2010.
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Planet Bike
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