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As the first multifamily property in the state of Wisconsin to receive the Green Built Home certification, Park Central Apartments' and Stone House Development's participation in Green Power Tomorrow is almost a given.

"Using renewable energy is the right thing to do in terms of the environment and it's becoming a very important marketing tool," said Rich Arnesen, vice president at Stone House Development, the development team behind the project. "More people are looking for housing choices that incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability, especially in this market."

In addition to participating in the Green Power Tomorrow program, Park Central is also working with a new MGE program. "Clean Power (a solar energy buyback program) is what made it logical for us to integrate solar electricity in the complex," said Arnesen.

The Park Central complex has two buildings and 76 units, all designed with a focus on energy efficiency. The facility has solar water heating and electricity, ENERGY STAR® appliances, 100% compact fluorescent lighting and energy-efficient windows and furnaces. The underground parking is unheated, with a well-insulated ceiling (the floor of the first-floor units) that helps to maintain moderate temperatures year-round. Occupancy sensors in stairs and parking and common areas turn off half the lights when the space is unoccupied. Low-volatile organic compound paints—which emit fewer harmful vapors than traditional paints—were used throughout as was carpet with recycled content.

"This project really took us to the next step in terms of energy efficiency," said Arnesen. "MGE has created some excellent programs that help to make renewable power financially practical."
Thank you,
Park Central Apartments, Stone House Development
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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