Buy Green Power for Your Business

Buy green power for your business

A cleaner environment depends on making green power a larger portion of our electricity supply. All Wisconsin utilities must provide a small percentage of their electricity from renewable energy sources to meet the 2015 State requirement of 10%.

Many of our customers have asked to go beyond the minimum requirement. Green Power Tomorrow is your option to do more.

You can add more renewables to your energy mix by paying a green power premium. An average small business can offset all of their carbon dioxide emissions from electricity use for about $32.75 more each month.

Green Power Tomorrow resources

Rosiere wind farm in Kewaunee County, Wis. MGE owns and operates this 11-megawatt wind farm built in 1999.
Northern Iowa Windpower II in Worth County, IA. MGE buys 30 megawatts from the Top of Iowa II wind farm owned by Iberdrola Renewable Energies USA.
Forward Energy Center in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties, Wis. MGE receives approximately 16 MW of the 130 MW of electricity produced by this wind farm annually, which is owned by MGE, Alliant Energy and Wisconsin Public Service Corp.
Solar energy from photovoltaic systems in Dane County, Wis. MGE will purchase solar power from new MGE business and residential customer systems. We want to encourage solar PV installations throughout our area.

Green Power Tomorrow includes solar

  • Current price includes solar power.
  • Solar power is more expensive to generate than wind.

When you buy green power, you are helping to jump-start the development of more solar energy in our area.

Green power has important benefits

By adding more renewable energy to our electricity supply, we can reduce:

  • Global climate change.
  • Environmental impacts of developing fossil fuels.
  • Our dependence on scarce energy sources.
  • Our dependence on foreign energy resources.

Buy green power for your business

It's easy to sign up for Green Power Tomorrow. Visit You may also sign up by phone. Call MGE's Business Energy Line at (608) 252-7007(608) 252-7007.

Want to learn more?

See Green View, MGE's video newsletter.

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