MGE Peregrine Falcons News

MGE's Falcon Season Begins


The 2019 peregrine falcon nesting season has officially begun! On February 15, the first peregrine siting was recorded on our falcon livestream camera. Though unbanded, the falcon is likely Trudy, making her eighth consecutive appearance in our nesting box. Trudy has successfully hatched four chicks every year since she arrived at our Blount Generating Station in downtown Madison.

On February 21, we observed Melvin, the male falcon who has been Trudy's partner for the past four years. His ID bands show that he was born at an Oak Creek nesting site in 2013 and first arrived in Madison in 2015. The pair has appeared to settle in nicely to our new nesting box. The box was rebuilt and relocated to a new location at Blount last fall prior to the completion of some deconstruction work at the facility.

Join us in welcoming back our peregrines and check out our livestream falcon cam to keep up with them this nesting season.

Wisconsin Peregrine Nesting Season Begins Early


Some nesting sites across the state are seeing early activity by returning Peregrine Falcons. In fact, Bartell, a male falcon born at MGE's nesting box in 2015, has been spotted at the Briess Malt and Ingredients Co. nesting site in Manitowoc for his third year.

While our famous pair, Trudy and Melvin, have yet to be observed in MGE's nesting box this season, we have seen early activity the past two years. Last year, they arrived on Jan. 27. Historically, the first sighting has ranged between Feb. 7 and Mar. 18.

Be sure to keep your eye on our Falcon Livestream cam and be among the first to spot their arrival!