MGE Peregrine Falcons News

Melvin and Trudy Settle In at Blount


We humans aren’t the only ones who seem to be enjoying the recent spring-like weather in Madison.

MGE’s peregrine falcons – Melvin and Trudy – have been a lot more active this week in their nesting box located high atop our Blount Generating Station. Both birds returned to Blount for the season in late January. Melvin has been Trudy’s partner for the past three years and the two are expected to mate again this spring.

MGE also has learned two of Trudy’s offspring are following in their mom’s footsteps. Rosalee, a female born in 2014 to Trudy and her former partner Vern, is back at the Weston Power Plant nesting site in central Wisconsin for a fourth consecutive year. Bartell, born in 2015 to Melvin and Trudy, is at the Briess Malt and Ingredients Co. nesting site in Manitowoc for his second year.

Check out our livestream falcon cam for a bird’s-eye view into what is happening this nesting season.

MGE's Peregrine Falcons Return Early


A pair of peregrine falcons has returned early to MGE’s nesting box in downtown Madison. The two familiar falcons were spotted for the first time on Jan. 27, 2018, marking the second earliest return to Blount Generating Station since peregrines began nesting at MGE in 2009. Last year, the first falcon sighting came on Jan. 26. Historically, the first sighting has ranged between Feb. 7 and Mar. 18.

This pair of peregrine falcons is known to MGE. We’re able to identify them based on the bands on their legs.

The male falcon – Melvin – has nested at Blount for the past three seasons. Although unbanded, it is assumed the second falcon is Trudy – a female who has returned to Blount for the seventh consecutive year.

Melvin has been Trudy’s partner for the past three years. His ID bands show he was born at an Oak Creek site in 2013 and arrived at Blount in 2015 after displacing Vern, the original male falcon who had nested here since 2009. Trudy fought another female falcon, Frightful, for the territory in 2012. She has hatched four chicks every year since her arrival at Blount.

Join us in welcoming back our peregrines. Check out our livestream Falcon Cam to keep up with them this nesting season.