Workplace Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging at the Workplace

Installing an electric vehicle charger at your business can help you attract and keep top talent. It will also help you show support for sustainable initiatives. MGE can help you create a successful program.


It's important to test the interest of a workplace charging program among your workforce. Surveying your employees is a great way to see if there is interest. Based on the survey results, you can determine the type of program that is best suited for you.


MGE can help you conduct a site assessment of your parking facilities. The assessment will check your building, parking and the electrical load. To keep costs down, it's important to choose a location close to the electrical supply.

Selecting charging equipment will depend on the needs of your workforce and your budget. Level 2 chargers are a good option because they provide a faster charge. They also serve many employees throughout the day.


Electricity costs for charging are small. The cost to charge a depleted 30 kilowatt-per-hour (kWh) battery is less than $3 (with an average energy cost of $0.095 per kWh). EV charging may also affect your demand charges. MGE can provide estimated costs based on the equipment you're considering.


Establish policies for your workplace charging program to ensure fair use among your employees. When creating your program, you will need to consider:

  • Whether to charge a fee (hourly, session, monthly or annual subscriptions, etc.)
  • Established charging schedules, time limits, hours of operation, etc.
  • Charger use - will it be available to employees, fleet, customers and/or the public?

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Ready to get started? Check out our workplace charging guide [548 kB PDF] and contact Debbie Branson for more information.

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