Dealership Resources - Electric Vehicle Charging

Dealership Resources - Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging at home

Drivers may assume they are paying less for electricity at night. However, most customers are on a standard electric rate and their kilowatt-hour charge is the same day and night. Drivers must enroll in a time-of-use rate and have MGE install a special meter to pay less for electricity at night, weekends and most holidays.

How much does it cost to charge at home?

Maximum Cost of Vehicle Charge = Battery Capacity X Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Electricity Rate

For example, the cost to charge a 16 kWh battery on MGE's standard electricity flat rate of 13.4¢ per kWh is $2.15.

MGE's Standard Residential Rate [15 kB PDF]

Does it cost less if I charge at night?

YES, but only if you are enrolled in a Time-of-Use Rate. If you're enrolled in time-of-use, you pay less when the demand for electricity is low (off-peak periods). MGE's off-peak period is 9 p.m. to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday, all day weekends and holidays

MGE's Time-of-Use Rate [148 kB PDF]

Does it cost more to charge on a Level 2 station?

NO. Using a Level 1 or 2 charging system changes the length of time for charging, not the cost.

Level 2 charging is faster and the cost of the energy required is the same, but you may need to make upgrades in your home to accommodate Level 2 charging.

Vehicle Charging Questions? We Have Answers [1.6 MB PDF]

Can I charge my vehicle with wind and solar power?

YES. MGE customers can charge with wind and solar power if they enroll in Green Power Tomorrow.

Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) provides MGE electric customers the option to purchase more of their energy from renewable sources and costs less than $.03 more per kWh than the standard electricity rate.

Green Power Tomorrow

Public charging

Where are stations located?

MGE has installed 27 charging stations in the Madison area. All stations are powered 100% by wind.

Madison charging locations

Alternative Fuels Data Center station locations

How much does public station charging cost?

The cost is $2 per hour at an MGE Level 2 and/or Level 1 station. You also can enroll in MGE's EV study and pay $1 per hour.

MGE Level 2/Level 1 Charging Stations [8.4 MB PDF]

The cost is $5 for MGE's DC Quick Charger or enroll in MGE's EV study and pay $2.50 per hour.

MGE Quick Charger [5.9 MB PDF]

How do I access the stations?

Drivers must sign up for accounts with ChargePoint for the Level 1/Level 2 stations and with Greenlots for the DC Quick Charger. Only CHAdeMO-capable vehicles can use the DC Quick Charger.

MGE's Public Charging Fact Sheet [163 kB PDF]

What's New with MGE Public Charging Network Video

How do I use the Quick Charger?

To use the Quick Charger, sign up for a Greenlots account and download the Greenlots app.

MGE's Quick Charger Station Video