Enter our video contest for grades 4 – 8. Students could win $500 for their classroom.

Make a Difference on Earth Day

Enter our video contest for Grades 4-8. Students could win a party worth up to $500 for their classroom.

Here's how to enter. Students should:

  1. Think of an activity for Earth Day in their home, school, park or other favorite place. Good examples are actions to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. They can:
    • Walk to school and they can record all the things around them that use energy.
    • Record all the hours they use an appliance in their home for a week, like the TV or lighting. Learn about how much energy they use. Then make a video about their activities to reduce their family's energy use.
    • Interview someone you know who owns an electric vehicle.
    • Make a video of their family creating a recycling area in the garage or backyard.
    These are just a few ideas but we want them to develop their own. They can be creative on Earth Day and everyday!
  2. Create a fun video capturing their Earth Day activity.
  3. Work with their teacher to submit their entry to the YouTube website. And complete the entry form at: mge.com/earthday/entry

    You can find the complete contest rules at: mge.com/earthday/rules

    We will post the entries on our Facebook page so they can learn from other kids in your school and other Madison area schools.

    Deadline for entry is May 1, 2017.

This contest is sponsored by:

Madison Gas and Electric
623 Railroad Street
Madison WI 53703