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Electricity is a necessity for our daily lives, yet we rarely think about it. Here's a quick look at the value of electricity.

coffee cup
Coffee = $4.00
air conditioner
Running the AC

for 10 hours*



*3 ton/12 SEER/3 kWh per hour

coffee cup
Watching TV

for 50 days*



*32 inch LCD/4 hours per day/0.15 kWh per hour

Mobile phone
Charging a smartphone

for 15 years*



*365 phone charges/2kWh a year/0.005479 kWh per charge

The value that starts a morning routine.

Charge smartphone = $0.00074

Toast two pieces of bread = $0.00501

Run microwave for 2 minutes = $0.00358

Watch TV for an hour = $0.00503

Open garage door = $0.00056

Run coffeemaker = $0.04697

the Cost of a morning routine = $0.08

The value of staying connected compared to a quick lunch


Slice of pizza and soft drink =


Charge your Laptop

$0.02353 per charge


Charge your Tablet

$0.00368 per charge

Mobile phone

Charge your Smartphone

$.00074 per charge

the Cost of staying connected = $0.03

Reliable energy you need

At MGE, we work hard to keep costs down as we bring you the reliable energy you need every day.


The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PCSW) has approved MGE's electric rate decrease of 0.78 percent to take effect on Jan. 1, 2017. MGE's electric rates remain below the rate of inflation.


Average annual increase in MGE's electric rates from 2013-2017


Inflation projection from 2013-2017 based on the Consumer Price Index

How do energy costs affect my household budget?

Take a look at energy costs compared to other necessities like housing and food as a share of median household spending in the Midwest:*

Cellular phone service: 1.7%
Electricity & Natural Gas: 3.7%
Food consumed away from home: 5.3%
chef hat
Food consumed at home 7.9%
Transportation 16.9%
Housing: 31.2%


*Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey http://www.bls.gov/cex/#news

We provide the service you have come to expect

We provide the service you have come to expect from your local community energy company. From us, you will receive...


Local Service – When you call MGE with a question, our local customer service reps are your neighbors. They know our service area and work hard to help you.


Reliable Service – We excel at keeping your lights on. Our electric reliability has one of the highest ratings in the nation year after year.


Helpful Support – We can help you save energy and money. Visit mge.com/saving-energy or call our Home Energy Line at 608-252-7117 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).


And, we continually make improvements for a smarter grid that can reliably accommodate the growth of renewable energy throughout our service area. We support renewable energy sources and work with customers who add solar panels and want to connect to our local electric grid.

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