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Spring 2017

Today's EVs Go Farther

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow as car makers are expanding range, increasing affordability and making them more appealing to a wider audience. MGE is helping to make EVs a more convenient option for our electric customers. Check out our video featuring the latest in EVs.

MGE to Grow Wind Energy
MGE to Grow Wind Energy

MGE is seeking to expand the amount of electricity it generates from renewable resources. If approved by state regulators, the Saratoga wind farm would be MGE’s largest to date with enough energy to serve about 47,000 homes.

Strategic Landscaping to Save Energy
Strategic Landscaping to Save Energy

Strategic placement of trees and shrubs on your property can help you save on energy costs year-round. Before you start, be sure to investigate your options and make a plan.

Smart Thermostat
New Smart Thermostat Program

MGE will introduce a program soon to help customers further manage their home energy use with smart thermostats. Find out more about our new program that will test a new method of controlling peaks in energy demand.

My Account Offers an Online Tool to View Your Energy Use

Electricity use spikes in the summer as stretches of hot weather create more demand for air conditioner use. My Account offers online tools that allow you to view your past energy use and understand your usage patterns.

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