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Fall 2016
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Welcome to Energy 2030 Together, our new customer newsletter featuring the latest news related to Energy 2030. Learn more about this resource and Energy 2030 Together’s companion website,

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Energy efficiency made simple

Focus on Energy, a statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, is offering free conservation kits designed to help MGE customers save energy and money.

Shared Solar illustration
Shared Solar: sharing energy goals

As your community energy company, we share the values, priorities and goals of our customers to create a brighter future. Learn more about Shared Solar, MGE’s new program offering the benefits of locally generated solar power.

Mark Ballering from Steep & Brew
Connecting solar to the electric grid

Businesses large and small are installing solar panels and MGE has an important role to play in connecting them to our grid. Find out how Madison-based Steep & Brew Coffee recently made use of solar energy.

Plug in to an electric vehicle
Plug in, make an impact with electric vehicles

Advances in technology are making electric vehicles (EV) more appealing. Learn more about the partnerships MGE has made with EV manufacturers and owners as part of our commitment to supporting new technologies.

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