Multifamily Update

Multifamily Update

January 2018

MGE Energy 2030: Multifamily Survey

MGE's Energy 2030 Continues

MGE continues to value the feedback our customers provide us as we move closer to our Energy 2030 goals. Specifically, MGE strives for stronger customer engagement and improved products and services.

MGE would like to thank all the multifamily customers that took 15 to 20 minutes to complete the recent survey. Your feedback is so valuable.

This most recent survey was a follow-up to a multifamily focus group that took place in the fall of 2016. Within the survey, questions were asked about MGE's billing services, technical assistance services, conservation and energy efficiency options through our partner, Focus on Energy, as well as what multifamily customers think about the current housing marketplace.

Those that participated in the focus groups and the surveys will receive copies of final reports when they are available. Others that are interested in information from these upcoming reports are welcome to contact MGE's Multifamily Services Manager, Brian Driscoll, by phone (608-252-4725) or by email (