July 2017  

Reminder: Starting/Stopping/Transferring Service


The moving days of August are coming soon. Please remind your residents about starting, stopping and transferring their utility services with MGE.

MGE receives and process thousands of service applications during this moving season. MGE would like to help property managers be prepared for this time period. To help provide our shared customers with a high level of service, MGE requests that you provide your utility notice to start/stop/transfer service.

MGE offers several options to complete applications. Customers can go online, call our customer center, or submit a paper request via USPS or fax. Customers can even visit our main office in person.

MGE also offers an option on our website: www.mge.com/startservice to start/stop/transfer service. Our website can make it easy to establish service online. Here are a few benefits to online submissions:

  • Faster, easier and available 24-7
  • Paperless
  • Confirmation email once request is submitted
  • All required information is verified

Tenants can also download and return a service request form via USPS or fax. Remember to complete all required fields or the application could be denied. MGE is required to verify customers as a pre-condition for establishing service. Completing all required fields is critical.

Some Madison area property management companies and landlords encourage and assist tenants through this process to apply for service. Many incoming tenants have not completed this action in the past and may not complete their application in a timely manner without assistance.

Questions, please contact MGE Call Center (608) 252-7222.

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