July 2017  

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Starting/Stopping/Transferring Service

Reminder: Starting/Stopping/Transferring Service

The moving days of August are coming soon. Please remind your residents about starting, stopping and transferring their utility services with MGE. Find out more.

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy - Multifamily Energy Savings Program

MGE and Focus on Energy partner to deliver conservation and energy efficiency opportunities for our multifamily customers. Find out more.

City of Madison

City of Madison - 2016 Housing Report

The City of Madison prepares a housing report written by Housing Initiatives Specialist, Matt Wachter, with guidance from the members of the City's Housing Strategy Committee each year. Learn more here.

Vacancy Rates

Vacancy Rates Remain Low

Each quarter, MGE publishes the rental vacancy rates by number, percentage and zip code. See the current rate.

Brian Driscoll - MGE Multifamily Services Manager

Brian Driscoll
MGE Multifamily Services Manager

Phone: (608) 252-4725
Email: bdriscoll@mge.com

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