January 2017  

Construction of MGE's Shared Solar Project Moves Forward

The City of Middleton is about to welcome MGE’s Shared Solar pilot project. Construction of the 500-kilowatt (kW) solar array on the roof of the City of Middleton’s Municipal Operations Center is complete.

The clean, renewable solar electricity generated through Shared Solar helps the environment by replacing energy that otherwise would’ve been generated by fossil fuels. The array generates enough electricity to power more than 100 average homes.

Shared Solar also gives customers, who were able to sign up voluntarily, the option of clean energy without having to install solar panels on their own homes, making it convenient for those who live in apartments or condos. It’s an easy and affordable way to support clean energy in our community.

This innovative pilot program is sold out; however, MGE will continue to process applications in case participants drop out of the program or move out of the service territory. Eligible applicants will be notified on a first-come, first-served basis if capacity becomes available. By joining the waiting list, you also are helping us better understand our community's interest in building additional solar projects in the future.

This partnership with customers and the City of Middleton also advances MGE's long-term Energy 2030 framework, under which we have set the goal of supplying 30% of our retail electric sales with renewable energy by 2030. Working together, we can reach our shared goal of a cleaner energy future.

To view brief videos from construction of our Shared Solar project, visit mge.com/SharedSolar.

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