April 2017  

Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

Are you considering installing electric vehicle charging stations? MGE can help.

Wisconsin electric vehicle (EV) registrations more than doubled from 2015 to 2016. And with longer range and cheaper vehicles now available, electric vehicle adoption is expected to soar. Many current and prospective EV drivers live in apartments and condos.

Like other EV owners, they want to charge their vehicles at home. Developments that offer
on-site EV charging are at an advantage when it comes to attracting EV driving tenants.

MGE created the Electric Vehicle Charging Guide for property managers, builders, and developers. The guide takes you step by step through the evaluation and installation process. You can also check out MGE's video - No Place Like Home. You'll hear from local property managers that have installed charging stations for their residents.

MGE is available to discuss charging station options and installations. If you have questions,
call Debbie Branson at 608-252-5632 or send an email to dbranson@mge.com.

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