Fall 2016  

MGE Announces New Resource for Energy 2030 News and Information

Customer input helped shape Energy 2030's goals and objectives. Our extensive community engagement process also helped launch something new to better communicate and engage with our customers—energy2030together.com.

Our new online resource, www.energy2030together.com, features the latest news related to Energy 2030, stories from our community, and energy-saving tips and information. Among other priorities, customers asked for more communication, and www.energy2030together.com represents a new tool to help us better serve their needs.

Customers also told us they want cleaner energy and more control over their energy use. In response to customer input, we've already taken steps to build a more sustainable future for our community, and there are ways in which our customers can help us make Energy 2030 a reality.

For example, we have been signing up customers for our 500-kilowatt (kW) Shared Solar project in Middleton, a partnership with the City of Middleton to offer customers locally generated solar energy. Our Shared Solar program is an option for customers who may be unable to install solar themselves, such as apartment dwellers or those with a shady roof. We have a feature about Shared Solar at www.energy2030together.com.

We also have a feature about a proposed solar overhead lighting program for outdoor areas, and a number of stories related to how we can be more efficient and manage our collective energy use. Through new technologies such a smart thermostats, or through energy-saving kits and low-cost household tips, we can save energy and money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

As we build a community energy company for the future, we will partner with our customers and our communities in many different ways. Working together, we can reach our goals. Stay engaged and be informed by keeping up-to-date at www.energy2030together.com.

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