Summer 2016  

Multifamily Developers Are Using Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Attract Tenants

Why are local multifamily developers installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations?

"Electric vehicle charging stations are a natural fit for urban development. We hear from many prospective clients who are environmentally conscious and likely to have an interest in alternative fuel vehicles," commented Lance McGrath, owner of McGrath Property Group. "Over the last couple of years, we've had prospective tenants ask about charging."

Installing EV charging in your building:

  • Helps you market your property now and in the future.
  • Offers an amenity that appeals to tenants interested in technology and environmental issues.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to a more sustainable community.

More drivers are going electric. EVs are quick, low-or-no carbon and inexpensive to operate. Affordable models with longer driving ranges are coming—removing two known barriers to EV ownership.

As EV ownership grows, residents will need charging stations. MGE has heard from many developers and property managers who have tenants asking about charging options at their building.

To support MGE's Energy 2030 efforts, MGE has created an Electric Vehicle Charging Guide for developers, property managers and builders. This guide walks you through the decision-making process to ensure a smooth installation.

MGE is available to discuss charging station options. If you have questions, call Debbie Branson at 608-252-5632 or send an email to In addition to MGE's guide, you can find information on multifamily electric vehicle charging on the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel Data Center website.

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