Winter 2016  

Green Madison: Help the City of Madison win five million dollars

Green Madison is an effort led by the City of Madison to win a five million dollar prize from Georgetown University. MGE along with Focus on Energy are supporting the Green Madison Multifamily Program.

Property owners and property managers: Are you interested in rebates, incentives, free energy assessments, contractor assistance and quality assurance? Green Madison can help you through the application process for the Focus on Energy multifamily program. This Green Madison partnership between MGE, Focus on Energy and Project Home is intended to increase participation, increase energy efficiency, decrease costs and decrease energy usage.

This program mirrors the existing Focus on Energy multifamily program and is meant to increase awareness about energy efficiency within multifamily facilities. Besides property owners and managers, tenants can also participate. There is a free, direct install program for apartment dwellers and condo owners.

Help the City of Madison win the five million dollar prize by using Green Madison to increase energy efficiency, save money and improve the City of Madison's multifamily facilities.

If you are interested in Green Madison's Multifamily Program, please contact:

Megan Harris, Green Madison:
Adam Wagner, Focus on Energy:

Visit: Own or Live in an Apartment Building?

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