Spring 2016  

Energy 2030: An Update on MGE’s Community Solar Pilot Project

Residential customers that do not have access to solar resources, condo owners and apartment dwellers, now have a potential option, MGE Community Solar. And there is no capital cost, or investment needed by developers, property managers, and landlords to construct a renewable energy generating system to provide this renewable energy resource. MGE’s Community Solar Pilot Project, to be constructed in the City of Middleton after approval from the Middleton City Council, is a good example of how MGE is advancing its goals under the Energy 2030 framework, which includes greater use of renewable resources and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

This potential option for residential customers provides an opportunity to get the benefits of solar power without having to install solar panels. Participating residential customers, including renters, will be able to purchase up to 50% of their annual electric needs from locally generated solar power.

The City of Middleton will be voting on this pilot project in the near future. Once this pilot project is approved, interested customers will be able to sign-up to participate. More information will be available at www.mge.com in May.

Learn more about our energy future at: www.mge.com/Energy2030

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