Fall 2015  

Design new facilities for energy efficiency—and lower operational costs.

The Focus on Energy Design Assistance Program provides design professionals, builders, developers and building owners with energy-saving options for the design of new or substantially-renovated buildings. In addition, the program offers incentives to design teams and to building owners that can be used to reduce the up-front cost of high efficiency measures that exceed Wisconsin energy code requirements.

The program includes customized, integrated design analysis of energy-saving options for new construction and major renovation projects for buildings over 5,000 square feet. The specific measures and combinations to be considered are customized for each project, in consultation with the project team. Potential building types for Design Assistance include all commercial and industrial buildings as well as multifamily buildings with four or more units. New buildings include free-standing buildings, adaptive reuse, substantial renovations and major additions to existing buildings.

Building owners and design teams use the Enrollment Wizard early in design to submit contact and project information. Using this online tool, estimated incentives are shown within minutes.

For additional information, view the program overview or contact the Design Assistance team at 877-939-1873.



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