Fall 2015  

Summary billing makes job easier for Rouse Management

Ask Karen Rouse what she does at her job and she says, "Everything!" As General Manager of Rouse Management, she has many responsibilities including accounting, reviewing bills and managing property managers. She is happy that Madison Gas and Electric's Summary Billing has made her job easier. "I manage 1,200 units and 25,000 square feet of retail. We handle so much paper and it's constant," says Rouse. "I used to open over 200 envelopes each month, and now I just open an email once a month that tells me the bill is available online. Everything is on one summary." If she has a question about a bill, she simply forwards it to the property manager, who prints it off and sends it to the tenant.

She also appreciates that Summary Billing allows her to compare and track energy use and utility costs for each building. "I can just pull it up and review it," says Rouse. "Having the history information right there is such a convenience."

Her Office Manager Dawn Richwolski agrees. She manages 59 units including taxes, payroll and bills. "It's simple, very easy to use and we never have any problem with it, "she says. "We save postage, paper and time. I would definitely recommend it to other property management companies."

Summary Billing highlights

This handy online tool saves time and allows users to:

  • Organize bills by region, department or location.
  • Establish one due date for all MGE bills.
  • Pay bills using our secure payment system (using EFT or ACH).
  • View up to 12 months of bill history online.
  • Easily manage budgets.
  • Track energy savings when new equipment is installed.
  • Download data rather than manually entering it into a spreadsheet.

Coming in early 2016

Summary Billing customers will be able to pay their MGE bill out of their bank account.

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