Residential Natural Gas Rates

MGE is serious about our responsibility to provide safe, reliable natural gas service at competitive prices. We work hard to control our costs. This is a summary of our residential natural gas service rates authorized by the PSCW in Docket 3270-UR-120 effective January 1, 2015.

Your bill may include gas use from a month or months prior to the month these rates become effective. If this occurs, your rates will be a blend of rates that were in effect in the months covered by your bill.

Your bill will include:

  • Distribution Service charges.
  • Firm Gas Sales Service charges.
Residential Distribution Service (RD-1)
System connection and customer service charge per day $0.7195
Distribution service, per therm $0.0916


Firm Gas Sales Service (FS-1)
Administrative charge, per therm $0.0165
Natural gas service, per therm
(Varies monthly with the cost to purchase gas supply.)
*Effective for service rendered on and after December 1, 2016.


Monthly Price (combining the above rates)



Total Per-Day

Total Per-Therm Charge
RD-1 FS-1 $0.7195 $0.5499
RD-1: Distribution rate for residential customers.
FS-1: Supply rate for customers receiving firm gas supply service.

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