Customer-Owned (Parallel) Generation

The photovoltaic shingles on this customer's house produces most of the electricity this customer uses with enough left over to sell some back to MGE.

Customer-Owned (Parallel) Generation

You can receive credit on your MGE utility bills through net metering or other rate options for the electricity you produce from your renewable energy system—solar photovoltaic (PV), wind or biomass.

If you are planning to connect your own electricity generation system to MGE's distribution system, please complete and send the items listed below to:

Riley Denu
Madison Gas and Electric Co.
PO Box 1231
Madison WI 53701-1231

Note to installers: Contact Riley at (608) 252-4783(608) 252-4783 or when your equipment is ordered. We need to order special meters for these systems.

To get started

Please complete and sign:

  1. The Standard Application form:
  2. The following parallel generation rates are available. The default rate is PG-2 for projects generating 100 kW or less.
    • PG-1 Rate [85 kB PDF] Parallel Generation
    • PG-2 Rate [87 kB PDF] Parallel Generation: Net Metering—100 kW or less (default rate)
  3. Line diagram of your system.
  4. Proof of insurance certificate.

When your PV installation is complete

  1. Complete, sign and send the Standard Interconnection Agreement to MGE at the above address.
  2. Call MGE at (608) 252-7373(608) 252-7373 to schedule an appointment for inspection, testing and interconnection.

If you have questions about the application, rates or systems, contact

For more information