Residential Distribution Service (RD-1)

Residential Distribution Service - RD-1 [80 kB PDF]
Distribution service for residential customers for domestic use including space heating. MGE provides firm delivery of natural gas from the city gate (where an interstate pipeline connects to MGE's distribution system) through our facilities to you.

Service through one meter to an apartment building with four or fewer residential units also receives distribution service under this service.

There is no minimum term length or contract needed for this service.

  • To start service, you must make a written or oral application to MGE.
  • Service can start any time.
  • MGE may require you to pay a deposit in accordance with guidelines established in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter PSC 134.

Gas supply for RD-1 customers
MGE purchases natural gas, transports it on interstate pipelines and balances purchases with your usage using pipeline storage and balancing services. Learn more about: How MGE Buys Gas.

MGE provides the following service to RD-1 customers:

  • Firm Gas Sales Service (FS-1 [91 kB PDF]) - MGE provides company-owned natural gas supply on a firm (not interrupted) basis. Choose this gas supply for the entire service (full requirements) delivered under GSD-1 Distribution Service or for a nominated (selected) amount of daily service taken along with DBS-1 service. The cost of gas under this service changes from month to month.