Clean Power Partners Program (Pg-4)

MGE's Clean Power Partners, a program designed to encourage customers to invest in renewable energy, is expiring. Participating customers have helped us increase the use of renewables to meet our community's energy needs. We appreciate our customers' commitment to helping us advance clean energy, which we continue to do under our Energy 2030 framework for a more sustainable future.
Clean Power Partners

Since 2008, 167 residents and businesses participating in the Clean Power Partners program have produced more than 8.5 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy through November 2017. Those efforts have offset 7,300 tons of carbon emissions which, according to the EPA, is the equivalent of removing emissions of 1,536 passenger vehicles driven for an entire year.

Agreement expirations

Participating customers will be notified as their 10-year agreement becomes due and will be automatically enrolled in our Parallel Generation: Net Metering (Pg-2) tariff. Enrollment under Pg-2 may require a no-cost meter change. Customers were required to participate in our Green Power Tomorrow program as part of their Clean Power Partner agreement. Enrollment is not required for Pg-2 customers; however, we hope customers decide to continue their participation and help us add renewable energy to our electric supply.

Pg-2 explained

Under Pg-2, customers who interconnect their photovoltaic (PV) system to our electric distribution system are charged the standard electric rate in kWh for the electricity purchased on a monthly basis. Energy sold back to us each month is credited at the same retail rate.

Customers will continue to receive the standard electric rate for all the kWh they sell to MGE (Pg-2 Rate) as long as:

  • Their PV system is 100 kilowatts (kW) or less, and
  • They continue to be a Net Purchaser (purchase more kWh from MGE than they sell to MGE during the current billing period and over a 12-month billing period).

Net Sellers (customers who sell more electricity back to MGE than they use each month) will be credited at the standard rate for the energy sold to MGE that equals what they purchased from MGE during the billing period. Energy sold to MGE in excess of the amount purchased from MGE will be credited at the Parallel Generation (Pg-1) rate.

Residential customers

If you sell your residence prior to your Clean Power Partners program contract expiring, we will automatically convert the new owner to the Pg-2 tariff.

Once your contract expires, you may decide to reduce your electric bills by signing up for MGE's Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. TOU offers more control over electricity costs by encouraging you to use electricity during lower cost—or off-peak—times.

For more information

For questions about the expiration of the Clean Power Partners program, residential customers can call the Home Energy Line at (608) 252-7117 or email Commercial customers can contact their account manager.