Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 05/05/2021 

Customer accepts these Summary Billing Terms and Conditions as a condition of participating in the Summary Billing program. These Summary Billing Terms and Conditions supplement, but do not replace, any applicable requirements, terms and conditions set forth in MGE's published gas and electric rates, which have been filed with and approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

  1. To participate in the Summary Billing program, a customer must have two or more addresses with active MGE utility accounts. Each address, which is referred to as the Premise ID (premise) on the Summary Bill, must have a history of prompt payments for at least the previous six months. A customer may have no more than one payment returned for insufficient funds and cannot have any disconnection notices in the last 12 months.
  2. The customer agrees to pay in full the amount identified as the Total Amount Due on each summary bill by the due date. The due date will be 20 days from the date the summary bill is issued. The customer must contact MGE with any questions about the summary bill amount. If it is determined that a correction is needed, the billing adjustment will be reflected in the following month's statement. 

    If full payment is not received for the Total Amount Due by the due date, a late-payment charge may be assessed and MGE reserves the right to discontinue Summary Billing for the customer without further notice.  
  3. MGE will perform a cash flow neutrality analysis to determine the options for grouping accounts on a summary bill and the summary bill due date (billing cycle) when: 
    1. Customer initially enrolls and identifies premises to be grouped in a summary bill.
    2. Changes have been made to a Summary Billing group (e.g., adding or removing premises). 

    MGE reserves the right to make the final determination for grouping premises on a summary bill and the billing cycle with notification to the customer.

  4. The timing of customer-requested changes to the summary bill will be at MGE's discretion, in consultation with the customer.
  5. MGE will issue one summary bill to the customer each month, accompanied by a detail bill of all associated premises.
  6. Except as specified below, summary bills and detail bills will be made available to customers only in electronic format. Customers will not receive paper copies of summary bills or detail bills. However, if circumstances make it difficult or impractical for MGE to provide summary bills or detail bills in electronic format, MGE reserves the right to provide customers with paper copies.
  7. Customer agrees to receive notice via email that the summary bill is ready to view and pay. It is the customer's responsibility to provide a valid email address and to access the bill online as directed upon enrollment.
  8. Customers are responsible for requesting that new premises be included on their summary bill. New premises added after a customer enrolls in the Summary Billing program will not automatically be included in the customer's summary bill. Utility bills for any premises not included in a summary bill will be sent to the customer on a paper bill separately, as each account is billed.
  9. Upon enrollment in the Summary Billing program, each customer will be assigned an account number for each Summary Bill that must be used when submitting payments.
  10. Accounts set up for temporary service (e.g., builders with temporary service accounts) are not eligible for Summary Billing.
  11. MGE or the customer may cancel the customer's participation in the Summary Billing program for any reason with at least a 60-day written notification to the other party. Upon cancellation of participation, the customer will be presented with a separate paper bill for each premise. 
  12. These Summary Billing Terms and Conditions are subject to change, at MGE's discretion. MGE will provide a 60-day written notice to customers of its intent to change these Terms and Conditions.
  13. MGE reserves the right to charge a fee for participation in the Summary Billing program in the future. In the event such a fee is implemented, MGE will provide a 60-day written notice to customers of its intent to do so.