Potential Installation Fees


We will:

  • Review your building plans.
  • Inspect the installation site.
  • Prepare an estimate.

If an installation charge is necessary, we will need a deposit before work can begin.

Service Fee
Temporary electric service supplied during construction A minimum charge of $111 plus energy use.*
Permanent electric underground service lateral or overhead service drop No charge for standard installation.*
* Customers may be responsible for the nonstandard installation costs and for costs to extend electric distribution facilities to the lot or to modify them. Call for more information.

Natural gas

We will:

  • Inspect the installation site.
  • Prepare an estimate.

Gas main (supply pipe in the street)
For a house or business located close to an existing gas main, there may be no installation charge.

If a main extension is necessary, a deposit may be required before work can begin.

Gas lateral (from the main to your building)

Service Fee
From the main to your property line No Charge.
From your property line to your closest building wall No charge to first wall or 65 feet, whichever is least. Beyond that, additional charges apply.

Additional trenching charges

There will be additional "winter charges" between Dec. 1 and March 31.

Solid rock
Digging through solid rock is difficult and costly. If you anticipate rock digging, call us early so we can explore other options. Customers will be charged the full cost of solid-rock trenching, rock removal and backfilling. Typical cost is $25 per foot.