Installing Your Service


Your timeline is important to us. The time needed to install natural gas and electric service depends on weather conditions and the season. Apply early and provide the estimated date your building needs service. Contact us for service scheduling information.

Electric - Temporary electric service generally takes just a few days if appropriate facilities exist at the project site. If your municipality does not inspect temporary service, your electrician will submit a notarized wiring affidavit.

Permanent electric service generally takes two to four weeks after we receive the following items (provided you have prepared your site for installation):

  • Approval of the service route and cost estimate
  • Deposit, if required
  • Easement, if required

Multifamily and commercial/industrial projects require an additional two to four weeks for engineering work.

Your electrician must request approval from the local electrical inspector. The inspector then provides us with the electrical inspection permit for permanent service.

Natural gas - Gas service takes about three weeks after we receive the application and the site is prepared for your service installation.

Starting service

MGE turns on your electric service after receiving the permanent electric inspection permit. Usually, the electrician will contact the electrical inspector’s office to request the permit.

Your gas service, however, cannot be turned on until:

  • Your gas appliance is hooked up and vented.
  • You have supplied us with a gas space-heating permit for your building.