MGE Community Energy Conversations

In early 2015, MGE enlisted the assistance of Justice and Sustainability Associates (JSA) to facilitate a community-wide customer engagement effort, or what we call Community Energy Conversations.

Throughout the last several months, JSA CEO Don Edwards and his team have engaged with our community and have been sharing with us important feedback as they've gained an understanding of customers and priorities from participants in their small group discussion sessions. We thank JSA for their effort and our customers for their contributions to this process.

Below is a link to JSA's report on the 2015 Community Energy Conversations. The independent report reflects comments shared by several hundred of MGE's customers during the small group, in-person discussions and online comments beginning in July and ending in November.

Information from JSA and the Conversations represents one part of an unprecedented, yearlong engagement effort by MGE that also involved customer surveys, industry research, other collaborative partnerships and numerous stakeholder discussions. All of this input informed our Energy 2030 framework.

We look forward to ongoing engagement with customers, stakeholders and others to accomplish Energy 2030's ambitious goals and create a more sustainable energy future together.

JSA Report on Community Energy Conversations