New Products and Services: Innovative technologies to better serve you in the future

New Products and Services Video

Part of building a community energy company for the future is using new technologies, as they become available, to deliver services and value to our customers and the broader community. New technologies have the potential to benefit individual customers, but they also will be a tool in helping to manage our collective energy use and thereby, benefit all of our customers.

We can't predict exactly where the future of technological change will take us as a utility and take you, as customers; however, we know it holds tremendous potential for more control around the way we use energy and for sources of more sustainable energy options. We value your input as we build on our existing programs and explore a changing energy world together.

For example, how important is it to you that MGE develop new ways for you to communicate with us and to transact business such as through smartphone apps or online tools? Would you use additional tools and information to help you conserve and use energy efficiently? Do you have interest in technologies such as smart thermostats or off-site control of smart appliances to help you control when you use electricity? Would you be interested in pricing options to facilitate electric vehicle charging at off-peak times to reduce peak demand?

We will work with customers to understand their preferences to ensure our programs meet their needs and benefit our community's energy future. To be successful, we will need customer support to turn ideas into actual programs—both through customer research and pilot programs—and through customer participation as we introduce fully developed products and programs.

Feel free to view this video from our Community Energy Workshop and if you wish, submit comments to MGE at your convenience.