Community Engagement: Collaborating and partnering with customers to accomplish our goals

Community Engagement Video

As a community energy company, customer engagement needs to be front and center in everything we do in this community. It has been our long-standing practice to work with our customers.

MGE serves 146,000 electric customers with many different voices and priorities. We work to balance and reflect the diverse needs of those we serve as we fulfill our fundamental obligations and advance our Energy 2030 framework. Thousands of nonprofits and community organizations, neighborhood associations, businesses big and small, educational institutions, advocacy groups and others enrich our community through their work. We have many potential partners and collaborators as we work collectively to build a community energy company for the future.

Under our Energy 2030 framework, we have pledged to deepen customer engagement. By partnering and engaging in many different ways with many different voices, we have the opportunity to work together on common interests and advance our Energy 2030 framework.

The energy world is changing. How we engage with customers will change as we move forward together.

Feel free to view this video from our Community Energy Workshop and if you wish, submit comments to MGE at your convenience.