My Interest Profile

Do you have what it takes to work in a technical position at MGE?

Yes No  
I like being part of a team or crew.
I am willing to do work that involves getting dirty.
When needed, I am willing to work extra hours.
If needed, I would be available for emergency work to help customers at night or on weekends.
I like working with my hands.
I would feel good knowing that my work provides an essential service to our community.
I am good at following directions.
I regularly practice safe habits (e.g., wear a seat belt, a bike helmet, etc.).
I like being involved in new challenges and experiences.
I like doing very physical work all day long.
I am willing to work outside all day long in any kind of weather.
I would like to drive big trucks and work with heavy equipment.
I can work in a confined space (i.e deep trench, down a man-hole in the street).
I can tolerate wearing protective safety gear (i.e. helmet, gloves, protective glasses, special footwear).
If you answered YES to all of the above, you may want to consider our Line or Gas Technician positions.
Yes No  
I am afraid of heights.
Yes No  
With proper hearing protection, I can tolerate working under noisy conditions (operating a jack hammer etc.).

Line Technician Work

  • Works safely and uses safety equipment.
  • Climbs poles or uses truck-mounted buckets to reach equipment.
  • Installs equipment at top of poles.
  • Identifies defective devises such as fuses, switches, and wires.
  • Works on high voltage electricity “live” if needed.
  • Inspects and tests power lines and equipment using special reading and testing devices.
  • Lays underground cables.

Gas Technician Work

  • Works safely and uses safety equipment.
  • Follows written instructions or others’ directions to lay out pipe routes.
  • Cuts pipes to required size.
  • Positions pipes to prepare them for welding or sealing.
  • Connects pipe pieces and joints by welding, cement or glue.
  • Covers pipes with earth or other materials.
  • Locates pipes in need of repair or replacing using special magnetic or radio indicators.


  • All entry-level jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • A two-year technical school degree is preferred, but can be earned on the job. 
  • On-the job training is required.

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